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How do I ensure that my data is safe & secure?


Our technology is built on the cutting-edge Microsoft Azure platform. In addition to internal processes user accounts require two-factor authentication during the log-in process.

What is the refund and cancellation policy?


You don't have to share your credit card details while registering for the free trial. It's completely free, no strings attached. If you are happy with us, come back and sign-up for the monthly subscription.

Can I add multiple users to the account?


There can only be one Primary User, however you have the ability to add team-members who can be set up with pre-defined access to information from different bank and credit card accounts.

Are you regulated?


Global Private Solutions Limited is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under registration number 822095 as an Authorised Payment Institution. GPS Money is a trading name of Global Private Solutions Limited.




  • Import spreadsheets, transactions across currencies
  • Convert transactions into a single currency for a consilidated view
  • Real-time exchange rate
  • Top 15 worldwide currencies. More currencies can be added on request


  • Full reconciliation of funds received and expenses incurred
  • Create custom headings, categories basis your reporting needs
  • Create multiple reports- from expense type to business need


  • Manage spends by adding team members to your account
  • Edit access restrictions for team members
  • Assign transactions to team members


  • Connect your bank & credit card accounts
  • Automatic refresh ensuring real-time data
  • Connect 20 bank & card accounts with Family Plan


  • Add pictures of receipts and assign them to transactions
  • Upload receipts through mobile app/web platform
  • Unlimited upload and storage
  • Get full report with receipts for further accounting needs


  • Assign budgets and track expenses
  • Download CSV or PDF of reports created

What happens if my bank is not showing up in the bank partner list?


Don’t worry, if it is not showing up in the dropdown list you can download a spreadsheet of transactions from your provider and just import the transaction list on to the platform.

Which banks can you connect with automatically?


We connect to all of the major banks in the UK including American Express.

How do I like a bank account overseas?


You can import the statement/spreadsheet on to the platform.

Can I link my investment accounts with this?


No. You can only link bank accounts and credit card accounts. With GPS Money you get a full view of your income & expenditure.

What are the different permissions I can give my team members?


You can give them the following permissions per bank or credit card account-
          o No access - won’t be able to see anything related to this account, just create an entry e.g., out of pocket expense
          o Restricted access - only transaction view for a particular account
          o Full access - Transaction and account balance
          o Full access & auto-assign- The transaction updates, category assigning & review will directly go to this user. They will be able to view transactions and account balance.

Is there an option to check what reports my team members can view?


Yes. In the Reports section there is a "view as" option.

Is GPS Money the right platform for me?


GPS Money is ideal for estate managers, executive assistants and family offices with multiple banks & credit card accounts across currencies to get a consolidated view of their business income and expenditure.

How many receipts can I upload?


There is no restriction on the number of receipts you can upload. You can add multiple receipts to the same transaction.

Is there a limit on the receipt size?


There is no limit on the individual receipt size per transaction or at overall account level.

What happens to the receipts and statements once I cancel my account?


If requested within 30 days of cancelling your account, we can consolidate all the receipts in to one file with data, categorisation and comments. You can simply download this before cancelling the account. Similarly, you can download your various reports.

How can I customise my reports?


You can customise your report in any way depending on your needs. You can do it based on expense type, property location or monthly/quarterly.

Can I download reports?


Yes, you can download the reports in CSV or PDF format.

Can I create my own category in the Family plan as well?


Yes, you can create custom categories and sub-categories.

Can I split a transaction?


Yes, you can do this in GPS Money ensuring you get the most accurate picture of your exepnditure


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